Andy McKay

Dec 03, 2009

DjangoSki Registration is now open

Registration is now open for DjangoSki. Early bird tickets are on a simple first come, first served basis and registration is here.

With our three keynotes set up and all the hairy contracts signed away, all that's left for us to do is plan the rest of the conference. And let it snow, snow and snow so that we've got a good base of snow ready for the conference.

The next date to worry about is in about 3 weeks time, which is the deadline for any scheduled talks. We've got a couple of interesting case study talks lined up and still looking for some good introductory talks eg: Introduction to Django, Pinax, Django-CMS and so on.

Been putting quite a few posts about DjangoSki up, sorry about that. It's very exciting for me and been quite a bit of work. Normal business of ignoring the blog and going back to Twitter will resume shortly.