Andy McKay

Jan 02, 2010

DjangoSki change of hotel

Over the Christmas holidays the DjangoSki changed location from one hotel in Whistler to another. This was the reason for the registration and hotel information going offline over the Christmas holidays. We've got a new hotel sorted out and the conference will be at the new location, a few minutes down the road.

So we went for plan B, one of the other hotels. It's a good hotel with other benefits for example: they don't mind external food coming in, a kitchenette in the room, washer and dryer etc. In fact this hotel is directly on the Creekside chair. You can go directly from the conference room, walk to the hot tub, past the barbeque to the chair lift (or some combination of that).

The reason? During the process of sorting out the contract with the original hotel the contract changed quite dramatically against us. We proceeded hoping that the pre-registration numbers would solve that problem. As it turned out it wasn't enough and the amount of money that we were putting up for the conference was so large to be a really, really big concern for us. A conference is a risk, but we are a small company and the risk was too large.

We are sorry about the inconvenience and there's no more changes now, it's full on to the finish line of a great conference in Whistler. We think we've contacted everyone involved who's booked a room, but if this does affect you, then please contact us immediately.

Details are up on the DjangoSki website of the Legends hotel.