Andy McKay

Dec 02, 2009

Matt Berg keynote, call for speakers for DjangoSki

For our final keynote I'm pleased to say that Matt Berg will be speaking at DjangoSki.

Matt Berg is the ICT Coordinator on the Millenium Villages Project at Columbia University. As part of that project he's been building technical systems in developing countries. He's involved with RapidSMS and projects include work in Kenya, South Senegal, Malawi and Rwanda that help children with malaria and malnutrition. And it's all using open source software and Django.

Not only does Matt do interesting work that is helping people right now, but he passionately believes that he can use Django and other technologies to make a difference. His passion and dedication is infectious, as you'll find out.

We have room for other speakers at the conference, so we'd like to call for other speakers to submit proposals to speak at the conference. Please apply here or see details here.