Andy McKay

Mar 13, 2007

Doing the Pennine Way

A few years ago we did the Bowron Lakes in canoes. It was one of the most wonderful holiday's I've had. I've never been so relaxed. It was a 9 day canoe trip in one of the most beautiful places on earth (shame none of the photos are scanned in, before our digital SLR).

This year I'm taking the opportunity of being in the UK to do the Pennine Way with my father. The Pennine Way is a long walk from Edale near Manchester up to the Scottish border. 250 odd miles (depending upon the exact route) over 20 days. We can't take 20 days in a row, my father at 65+ could do it. But for me it will take some breaking in for me to get that far. So we are breaking it down into day and weekend trips.

We'll try and do it in order, so should be setting off from Edale in a few weeks and giving a shorter walk a try. So now I've got an excuse to buy some new GPS and walking toys...