Andy McKay

Mar 12, 2007

Beaten up by a 10 month-old??

Just got back from a 5-day holiday to Liverpool, London, and Cambridge last night. Had a lovely time until yesterday morning when we were having breakfast at our hotel.

Samantha is sitting beside Emily in her special booster seat that straps onto just about any chair. Andy and I are across the table from them. All of a sudden Andy jumps up and runs ‘round the table. I look up to see that Sam has somehow pushed herself off and her chair is about to topple backwards.

Things seem to go into slow motion at this point. As Andy makes his way around, Sam’s chair hits the chair at the table behind her, which slows her fall - looks like Andy might make it before she hits the ground. Then all of a sudden the other chair tilts, sending Sam the rest of the way to the ground, and just as Andy is leaning to rescue her, the other chair - having nothing pushing on it anymore - swings back and hits Andy in the eye.

He backs off, cursing and holding his eye, at which point I run to rescue Sam. Samantha is completely unharmed, thanks to the high back of the chair and being well strapped into her booster seat - a little frightened, but otherwise unharmed. Andy, however, is looking rather the worse for wear. The chair seems to have hit him harder than I thought and the corner of his eye is bleeding. I get him to sit down, then run to the front desk for First Aid. The receptionist is completely useless, but at least is able to give us some antiseptic wipes to clean up with. Once it’s clean, I can see that the eye itself is ok but there are a couple of small scrapes and one quite deep cut. We debate whether to go to emergency for a stitch (I rejoice that for once it’s not me needing First Aid!), but in the end decide to wait and see if it stops bleeding on its own. It takes about 3 hours, but eventually stops.

Andy now has a nasty bruise under the eye as well, and it continues to ache, but I think he will survive. He did manage to drive the 5 hours it takes to get home after visiting one more tourist attraction.

So that is how Samantha, aged 10 1/2 months, beat up her daddy.

The moral of the story is: Always have an adult sitting beside the kid in the booster seat!