Andy McKay

Mar 17, 2007


Kamal just released LookRSS, which uses XSL to format Plone's RSS into something pretty. If you are looking for a really ancient and crotchety version of this, try PloneRSSNG, which did this as well. Just a few years older and probably way worse.

The reason I didn't check it all in to Plone then was I based it on 3rd party code and so as such couldn't agree with the letter of the Plone contributor agreement. Since then the Plone 3rd party area in SVN was created, a place to contribute anything that you didn't write (eg: I recently threw some of PloneS5 in there) and the whole situation cleared up.

I would really like to see LookRSS, PloneRSSNG or something similar go into Plone. Something needs to be improved with the user experience for clicking on RSS links, my mother can't understand it right now. Would be nice little PLIP for someone to get started in Plone.