Andy McKay

Jul 10, 2024

Pump Peak, Tim Jones Peak, Mt. Seymour

Bagged: ✅ 2️⃣ Pump Peak, ✅ Tim Jones Peak, ✅ Mt Seymour

Mountain lakes swum: 1️⃣

ℹ️ List of 2024 peaks bagged.

Was originally aiming for Runner Peak, but decided that wasn’t happening today. The more I look at Runner Peak, the less I want to do it. Getting up Pump, Second and Third peaks was just fine. It was a hot day around 30c in town, a little cooler on the mountain.

There are still small patches of snow in parts, but everything is now hikeable and its only parts that get a lot of shade that have snow. No spikes needed.

Really disappointed to be having to pick up garbage on Pump Peak, including plastic water bottles, ziploc baggies and instant noodle packets.

We stopped at Mystery Lake on the way down. One month ago (June 8th) we went past Mystery Lake and it was partially frozen, surrounded by snow. Today there was no snow. I stopped for a swim and it was glorious.

Starting a new counter of mountain lakes swum in with a counter of 1️⃣ 😎