Vancouver Bagger: 2024

This is a list of the peaks from this site, which requires a Facebook login. Because I refuse to use Facebook, this is a site to track my progress.

Done Name Location Elevation Difficulty Strava
1 Amigos Map 815m medium
2 Mt. Apodaca Map 503m hard
3 Ardbeg Peak Map 1470m medium
4 Mt. Artaban Map 615m medium
5 Beth Peak Map 1605m medium
6 Mt. Bishop Map 1509m medium
7 Bishop Bump Map 1250m hard
8 Black Mountain Map 1224m easy
9 Brunswick Mountain Map 1788m hard
10 Burt's Peak Map 525m medium
11 Mt. Burwell Map 1541m medium
12 Capilano Mountain Map 1685m medium
13 Cathedral Mountain Map 1737m hard
14 Ch'ich'iyúy Elxwíkn (West) Map 1654m hard
15 Clementine Peak Map 1487m medium
16 Coburg Peak Map 1645m hard
17 Coldwell Peak Map 1090m medium
18 Coliseum Mountain Map 1441m medium
19 Mt. Collins Map 413m hard
20 Conical hill Map 266m easy
21 Crown Mountain Map 1504m medium
22 Crown N1 Map 1408m hard
23 Curate Peak Map 1266m medium
24 Dam Mountain Map 1349m easy
25 David Peak Map 1480m medium
26 Deeks Peak Map 1672m medium
27 Devil's Peak Map 625m medium
28 Mt. Dickens Map 1288m hard
29 Echo Peak Map 1389m hard
30 Mt. Elphinstone Map 1260m easy
31 Mt. Elsay Map 1419m medium
32 Enchantment Peak Map 1444m medium
33 Fannin Peak Map 1190m hard
34 Fat Ass Peak Map 1619m medium
35 Forks Peak Map 1152m hard
36 Mt. Fromme Map 1185m easy
37 Gambier Peak Map 922m hard
38 Mt. Gardner Map 727m easy Strava
39 Gibbens Peak Map 1103m medium
40 Goat Mountain Map 1401m easy
41 Goat Ridge Peak Map 1269m easy
42 Gordan Peak Map 1430m medium
43 Gotha Peak Map 1641m medium
44 Grouse Mountain Map 1231m easy
45 Mt. Hanover Map 1748m hard
46 Mt. Harvey Map 1652m medium
47 Hastings Peak Map 957m medium
48 Hat Mountain Map 1644m medium
49 Hollyburn Mountain Map 1325m easy
50 James Peak Map 1466m medium
51 Jarrett Peak Map 1495m medium
52 Judge David Crerar Map 1003m hard
53 Mt. Killam Map 844m medium
54 Klegg Peak Map 1400m medium
55 Lagavulin Peak Map 1530m hard
56 Laphroaig Peak Map 1595m hard
57 Leading Peak Map 765m medium
58 Mt. Liddell Map 904m hard
59 Little Brother Map 1424m medium
60 Little Goat Mountain Map 1323m easy
61 Lynn Peak Map 1015m easy Strava
62 Magnesia Peak Map 1587m medium
63 Middle Needle Map 1258m hard
64 North Needle Map 1256m hard
65 North Unnecessary Peak Map 1543m medium
66 Oban Peak Map 1651m medium
67 Old Fannin Peak Map 1040m hard
68 Paton Peak Map 1057m medium
69 Pump Peak Map 1392m easy
70 Rector Peak Map 1270m medium
71 Rice Peak Map 990m easy Strava
72 Runner Peak Map 1370m medium
73 Mt. Seymour Map 1449m medium
74 South Needle Map 1163m medium Strava
75 South West Knob Map 660m medium
76 St. Marks Summit Map 1355m easy
77 Mt. Strachan Map 1454m easy
78 Suicide Bluff Map 1167m easy
79 Theta Peak Map 1092m medium
80 Thomas Peak Map 1540m medium
81 Thunderbird Ridge Map 1160m easy
82 Tim Jones Peak Map 1425m easy
83 Mt. Underhill Map 450m medium
84 Unnecessary Mountain Map 1548m medium
85 Vicar Peak Map 1247m medium
86 West Burwell Map 1500m medium
87 West Capilano Map 1570m medium
88 West Crown Map 1400m medium
89 West Knob Map 755m medium
90 Wettin Peak Map 1538m medium
91 Mt. Windsor Map 1689m medium
92 Zinc East Map 1310m hard
93 Zinc Peak Map 1350m hard
94 de Pencier Bluffs Map 1230m easy