Andy McKay

Jun 30, 2024

Grouse, Dam and Little Goat

Bagged: ✅ Grouse ✅ Dam ✅ Little Goat

ℹ️ List of 2024 peaks bagged.

These are three of the easier peaks on the North Shore, being close to the top of the gondola. Which I took up, making for a relatively easy day. It wasn’t raining and when the skies momentarily cleared was quite warm.

The snow hasn’t melted and after Dam it was continuous snow with some parts of the trail hard to make out, due to the lack of tape and flagging in the trees. The clouds cleared momentarily for nice views of Goat and Kennedy Lake, but those views were brief.

Getting back to the gondola I found out it had broken down. Looking at the queue size and number of people, I figured it would be several trips before I could get on the gondola so may as well do the BCMC down.

The gondola wasn’t fixed until that evening, meaning that apparently many people ill-equipped and not physically able to do the trail were taking it down in the evening. It’s a slippery trail and so there were many first responders out to help. I was on the bus home by that point, but that sounds like a tough day for many.