Andy McKay

Jun 09, 2024

de Pencier and Black

Bagged: ✅ de Pencier ✅ Black Mountain

ℹ️ List of 2024 peaks bagged.

On Saturday I did De Pencier by hiking all the way up from Deep Cove. I could have done it from the parking lot, but it’s a good practice hike and I was able to get a ride back down, so may as well take the opportunity.

It’s currently snow free up to about 950m. Snow is common in shaded areas over 1000m and is constant in shaded areas over 1050m. Around Mystery Lake, Brockton chair and De Pencier itself is still snowy and spikes highly recommended.

On Sunday I did Black Mountain from the Cypress parking lot. A shorter hike with my sore legs was most welcome. There were some patches of snow in shaded areas, but spikes weren’t needed and it was mostly clear. On the top of Black Mountain there was no snow.

On both hikes any snow in exposed areas was rapidly melting.