Andy McKay

May 17, 2022


For my first trip I used these panniers from MEC that were on my wife’s bike already. There was a few downsides I discovered with these panniers:

  • They aren’t that big.
  • They aren’t waterproof.
  • The velcro to hold it down doesn’t always stick.

They are fine for the trips my wife does, to and from school which takes 10 minutes. They hold up to the worst Vancouver rain for 10 minutes. However 8 hours of rain is another story, they got wet inside. Plus the velcro didn’t stay shut and then I worried about things falling out.

So I ended up with these panniers. They are:

  • Bigger, holding 25L according to the spec.
  • Waterproof, although I haven’t had them in 8 hours of rain yet.
  • Will stay closed thanks to lots of clips.

The downside is that they are not light.

On my first trip I was able to get all my usual gear in and have space for more. The sidepockets were really helpful for storing phones and tools in. So far, quite happy.