Andy McKay

Mar 02, 2019

2019 Goals - Two months check in

Checking in with my two month goals.

  • Lost a couple of pounds but keep going up and down.

  • Diet has fallen completely and this is where I need to get back on track.

  • Running has improved again. The training runs are getting longer and longer. I did my longest run 11.2km and broke 30km a week twice.

  • I thought I did the West Van Run in 29 minutes last year. Turns out it was over 30 minutes. This year I came in 27.29, which puts me at a solid 5:30 pace. Faster than last time.

  • Gym work has picked up a little, mostly a chance to do long slow bike rides and focus on keeping my heart in zone 1.

  • Haven’t had alcohol since 2018 even though I’ve been to some pubs.

More to do, especially on the weight loss.