Andy McKay

Feb 01, 2019

2019 Goals - One month check in

Checking in with my one month goals.

  • Lost 12 pounds. Although I did go as much as 15 pounds down, only to come back up again.

  • Diet was mostly Keto for a while, but I’ve slipped into some carbs for running and sometimes have too many carbs. That’s probably caused the lack of weight loss.

  • Running has dramatically improved. At the beginning of the month I was feeling down because I was going slowly. This last week I completed 7.1k at a sub 6km/minute pace and my training runs are getting faster.

  • Signed up for the West Van Run in March, want to beat my time on that from last year - 29 minutes - significantly.

  • Set a goal of doing a 10k in under an hour - that’s 5 minutes to chop off.

  • Gym work has dropped off significantly.

  • Haven’t had alcohol since 2018 even though I’ve been to some pubs.

More to do.