Andy McKay

Sep 06, 2013

Triage with me

We hold regular bug triage meetings in the Marketplace payments team. One person has a list of bugs open in Bugzilla and goes through that list with the team who are all there on video conference. As we move through the bugs its pretty easy for people to lose place and we get into a habit of asking “which bug was number that”. So I through together a tool to see if we could help.

Triage with me is and add-on for Firefox. Once installed there’s a “Toggle triaging” link in the Tools menu. Click that and a triage instance is created on the triage server at Whilst the triage is running, each page you open in Bugzilla (and only Bugzilla ones) will appear on the triage with me server.

The upshot is, the person running the triage doesn’t do anything different, just keeps clicking on bugs. The other people in the triage just watch the triage page.

The page is populated in real time using server sent events and clients are subscribed using Redis pub/sub. The server is written in Node.js. Both the add-on and server are on github.

How well is it working? Not sure yet, it’s ok, but I think there’s more it could do. For example would it help to automatically open pages as you watch the triage, or show more information on each bug.