Andy McKay

May 01, 2012

Marketplace update - April 22nd-28th

This is a new weekly blog post about the status of the Mozilla marketplace, focusing on changes for the marketplace. For news about add-ons specifically, see the Addons blog.


These stats include until we start breaking out the Marketplace components separately on Bugzilla.

  • Total bugs open: 1,405
  • Total bugs opened last week: 127
  • Total bugs closed last week: 89


  • Friends and family internal release, whitelisting of users for access.
  • Receipt signing service integrated.
  • Back end storage ready for multiple data centres.
  • Exposing errors and the non-happy flows with PayPal and app installs.
  • Responsive tablet display.
  • New landing pages for the developer hub.
  • Multiple currencies turned off by flags because of possible conflicts.


  • This weeks meeting was cancelled and this post is late because of the Web Dev offsite in Santa Cruz.
  • Meeting notes from last meeting.