Andy McKay

Jan 24, 2012

Working for whom?

There was discussion about training my people to have jobs to work for somebody else, said Stan Beardy, Grand Chief of Nishnawbe Aski Nation in Northern Ontario... We want to develop [the land] so somebody would work for us and make money for us, he said.

Globe and Mail

Perhaps there's more to that last statement but something doesn't seem right with that last statement.

The original phrasing sounds like the Indian band would like to just make money. Develop the land, bring in outside firms, get them to work and extract a dividend from that. The result when is a whole pile of people in the band without work, without training, but some money flowing in. There would be a few jobs for the band so issues with large amounts of unemployment would continue.

Then the dividend from the land development ends. Then you are right back in the same situation again, with an untrained workforce, no jobs and no income. And that isn't smart.

Would it better phrased as:

"We want to develop the land and train our people to work for our people."

Perhaps that's what he meant.