Andy McKay

Jan 01, 2012

Nut, meet Firefox

Over Christmas we got some nuts in our stockings. But we couldn't find a nutcracker, so my nephew and I devised some silly ways to try and crack the nuts. I stupidly said "it would be cool if we put the nut on your target and you shot an arrow at it".

A few days later, Daniel decided to give it a try. In the snow and freezing temperatures (well it was balmy zero degrees in the north of British Columbia) he got his bow out. That's when I realized his bow was no ordinary bow, it's Firefox.

Tremble puny almond before the might of Firefox.

We taped the nut to the target Daniel took aim...

No crazy William Tell tricks here, I stood well clear.

As it turns out hitting an almond with an arrow is no easy feat.

A bigger nut is a possibility, but didn’t want to break the arrows.

But Daniel didn't give up and eventually got it.


That's a nut that took a lot of work to crack, which is probably why someone invented nutcrackers.