Andy McKay

Mar 02, 2007

Apple TV sucks

I haven't used it. Or seen it. But I have seen this page and I'm now convinced it sucks. The first thing it offers is Movie Trailers. Movie trailers are adverts, people pay to put movie trailers in front of us. It's annoying enough having them on DVD's you have to fight your way past.

If you think I'm paying to buy a box so I can watch adverts think again. Having movie trailers there makes the omission of movies glaring. It doesn't have a DVD drive on it... so let me get this right... it's a TV that you can't actually watch TV on, or movies, or DVD's.

But what if you want to watch music videos, movie trailers, podcasts, and photos on TV?

C'mon Apple what if you want to watch TV or DVD on your Apple TV?

And this comes from someone with 2 MacBooks, 2 Mac Mini's, 2 iPods and lots of gadgets. I don't think I'd buy non Apple again. But I'm not buying the Apple TV. Someone said that in Apple they justify a new product by saying "Whats the TV commercial like". Someone was asleep when they said in a meeting "You can watch movie trailers on it".