Andy McKay

Mar 01, 2007


Oh no! Samantha has the dreaded pink eye! (AKA conjunctivitis) Have you ever tried putting drops in the eyes of a 10 month-old??!! Not an easy task, I tell you. The first couple of times it took me and Andy to hold her down while I squeezed a drop into each eye, or rather onto each eyelid so that when she opened her eyes they would flow in. Yikes! I can now do it on my own, but it takes a long time to get the eyedrops in the right place! Poor little love, her eyes are all red and puffy, and constantly filling with green goo. And of course Emily will surely get it too as you know what hand-washing habits are in a not-quite-3-year-old. So far so good, but I’m absolutely dreading having to put drops in her eyes. She is a lot stronger than Samantha and a heck of a lot more stubborn!