Andy McKay

Sep 26, 2006

To everyone who's tried to figure out Zope 2


It’s been about 6 years (eek) since I first went to Zope so it’s hard to remember. These last few days I’ve been fixing up a Ruby on Rails application. More on that in later posts. Of course fixing up a complicated app as your first dive into any framework is the worst thing that you can do. Unfortunately I think this is what commonly happens to most developers. I’ve spent ages fighting my way through implicit variables, variables that don’t exist in any source file but magically appear, Ajax that will never work in IE, badly thought out solutions relating to performance, lack of documentation, multiple ways of defining the same thing and well, Ruby.

I can sympathise with new Zope users who probably say the exact same thing.

It will get better, everyone’s learning these lessons. Zope 2 get’s better as you learn more, I’m sure Ruby on Rails will too. Stick with it.