Andy McKay

Sep 25, 2006

Nuxeo moving to Java

This came out last week and sparked quite a few blog posts. I spoke to a few people on the weekend and still not sure what to feel about it really. In the end I hope it all works out for them. All I can really remember for some bizarre reason is an episode of the Wonder Years. The main character is working in a hardware store and wants a pay rise, but doesn’t get one. The man running the store is an old friend (I think, it was many years ago).

In the end after not getting a pay rise he leaves the store and goes to work in burger joint. Of course there is much heart wrenching, soul searching and so on. At the end in typical Wonder Years fashion there’s soppy music and sad feelings as this man feels rejected by the kid leaving. Nobody notices him joining the burger joint and sure enough when he leaves a year or two later, no one cares less.

The Java community won’t blink an eyelid as Nuxeo joins. The Java community certainly won’t care if Nuxeo leaves. But the Zope community will miss you.