Andy McKay

Sep 04, 2006

Ajax services... a spreading idea

This just got onto Slashdot, COWS Ajax. Spookily enough this is exactly what I was blogging about last week or so. Sometimes things hit all at once. A quick peek at COWS and it has:

  • A server side library written in PHP. I don't know much PHP so I can't comment on that.
  • A client side library written in JS that connects to the back end.
  • An example client side spell checker

To quote the site:

The trick is that the URL of the script is not pointing to a javascript file, but instead pointing to something like a PHP or other backend.

Looks like an implementation of Ajax Services to me. I would really like to see more implementations of AjaxProxy, so something in PHP would be really nice if anyone knows more than me it would be great to see.