Andy McKay

Sep 01, 2006

Looking for a web framework that...

  • Stores my data in a relational database
  • Provides a nice UI on that relational database
  • Allows me to override the bits I want to change
  • Is written in Python
  • Is written in some XML compliant markup language eg XSLT or TAL or even Kid

I’ve looked at Django and TurboGears but never of these actually seem to fall down in the following ways:

  • Django's markup language isn't to my taste (I can replace with TAL but I haven't got that working yet). It has a thing called generic views, but these don't actually generate HTML just the underlying Python glue.
  • TurboGears doesn't seem to generate HTML either every tutorial I've found creates their own HTML as well.

I’ve rummaged around but haven’t spotted anything else. Has anyone else seen anything they’d recommend? At this point I’m tempted to go nuts (client side XSLT and XML), go with framework and ripping out the stuff I don’t need (Plone) or building lots from scratch (Zope 3). Bear in mind I’ve got a completely restricted user base, Firefox only so crazy things like client XSLT can work.

Update: using Plone for prototype, I can do it faster and better in Plone than anything else at this point. The UI will be improved a lot for Firefox though.