Andy McKay

Apr 05, 2022

A sleeping bag

My sleeping bags are optimized for what I started doing in my old age, camping now and again in the summer when its hot. If I barely needed a sleeping bag? That’s the time to go camping.

Not so with the crazy bike packing trips I had in mind. I need something better.

By better it needed to be:

  • Lightweight
  • Pack down small
  • Warm and cope with a couple of seasons

I ended up with the Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag from Sea to Summit:

Its ultralight at 340g, made with ethically sourced down. It covers a couple of seasons of the year. It packs down really small and in my quick test seemed ultra warm.

Update: I’ve slept out three nights with the bag now.

It’s light, it packs down well but I feel like I’m at the tolerance of warmth for the sleeping bag. It goes down to -2c and is listed as two seasons. I’d hate to get a whole lot colder with this sleeping bag and I’ve had a couple of nights close to zero.

It could also be the combination of the tent, which I’m not sure is ideal for windy weather.