Andy McKay

Mar 19, 2015

Cutting the cord

The CRTC goes on and on about plans for TV, cable and unbundling and all that. Articles are written about how to watch all the things without paying for cable. Few discuss the main point, of watching less movies and television.

Television as show on cable is probably the worst thing in the world. You spend a large amount of money to receive the channels. Then you spend a large portion of that time watching adverts. The limit to adverts in Canada is 12% on specialty channels, not including promotion of their own shows.

Advertising is aspirational and as such depressing. It spends all its time telling you things you should buy, things you should be doing, things you should be spending on your money on and if you do all that… there’s just more advertising to get you wanting different things.

Its even worse in the US where Americans spend on average over four and a half hours a day watching television. How that is even possible, I don’t know. Of that 17 to 18 minutes is adverts. That means they watch some where around 46 minutes of adverts a day.

So you pay for advertising. Why would you do that? That is terrible.

Netflix does not have any adverts. If you need to watch more than Netflix multiple other sources exist e.g.: If you need to watch more than that?

Just go do something else. Please go do something else. Read a book, meet your neighbours, play a game with friends, take up a sport… anything but watching that much television and adverts.

I can only hope that cable television dies off because its the worst thing ever.