Andy McKay

Apr 16, 2013


The BC election for 2013 just kicked off today. Of course the real campaign has been happening for ages. Basically the Liberals gave up on being a government months ago, disbanding parliament and just “campaigning”.

But there was a comment today on CBC that annoyed me:

The election should be a verdict on the last two years

Some guy on CBC

Of course it won’t, elections do not work like that. Elections are a snapshot of the society at that point. For this election people will take into account the last 20 years of Liberal and NDP governments. And they’ll have to because the parties will continually remind us of them. The list of Liberal screw up is long (debt, BC Rail, HST and so on) and that’s what people will be voting on.

And each election changes the political landscape, the NDP aren’t anything like they were under Carole James. The Conservatives are sadly facing a resurgence. Fortunately that resurgence will cause a split of the right wing vote. The Green party is sadly not going anywhere in BC. Fortunately that is unlikely to split the left wing vote.

The Liberals don’t look like they have much chance. And when I vote I’m not taking into account only the record of our current unelected premier over her last two years.

And… any bets how quickly Christy Clarke will dump politics once she loses?