Andy McKay

Sep 20, 2012

Come chat with me Christy

"I think politicians do a way better job when we are out there talking to the people"


So come speak to me Christy. You can come meet me at work or knock on my door. Either of those would work.

Alright so there are 4.4 million people in BC, you can't visit everyone. But let's say you stopped by my work for an hour. That's 20 people, that's a more efficient use of your time. [1]

You aren't planning on going to the legislature and speaking to MP's or going to Victoria because:

Because it's sick. It's a sick culture

Times Colonist

You've got 6 months, plenty of time.

Or perhaps you could use reddit. Some guy called Obama did that bet that would cross a few people off the list. [2]

If you'd like Christy to come talk to you, you could contact her on Twitter.

Add this link to your site and see if you can encourage Christy to come chat with you:

<a href=" come chat with me!">Come chat with me Christy</a>


[1] I know the numbers don't add up. There's 4.4 million people in BC. Seeing 20 people for an hour, eight hours day for say twenty days a month would take somewhere in the order of 76 years. That's probably why we have elected officials to talk on our behalf.

[2] I couldn't help but think of Bowerick Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged.