Andy McKay

Nov 30, 2010

Credit where it's due

I'm sure we've all got our share of Apple tech support horror stories - I've had a few bad ones in the past, but today I had just the reverse.

At work today my one month old MacBook video display died. I was able to restart the MacBook and hear apps make noises and networking connections being made - just not much of a display. Fortunately I was working at the Mozilla Messaging offices, which is about 5 minutes walk from an Apple Store.

I walked in and was told the next free appointment was in 3 minutes (that's very unusual). Quickly the genius decided it was the logic board and I needed a new one. He went off for a short while to see if they had one.

They didn't have one there - so they gave me a replacement MacBook Pro. Using firewire we transferred all the old data to the new one. I went to do a little bit of shopping and then came back to pick up my new MacBook with all the data, apps and everything on it.

In under two hours turn around, I was back at the office and working where I'd left off. I was pretty impressed by that. Thanks Apple.