Andy McKay

Aug 30, 2010

Projects that live on

I was pleasantly surprised this week to are a new release of Zsyncer come out. This is a Zope 2 product I wrote almost ten years ago whilst at ActiveState. It allows you to sync data from one Zope instance to another over XML-RPC.

The product was taken over by Paul Winkler and now Chris Withers. I'm betting that by now very little of the original code remains and it's vastly improved. But I find it very satisfying to see thata code written ten years ago is still being maintained and used. Especially since the original developer and the original client stopped using it long ago.

Another project is the Definitive Guide to Plone which I published under a creative commons license. The second edition of the book was taken on by Redomino and they did an excellent job.

Of course compared to many this is small change, others have bigger projects that get picked up. But since I have moved completely away from these fields I still find it satisfying. There might be something to this open source thing.

This is also my first post typing in a pile if HTML into my Nexus One - won't be doing that again.