Andy McKay

Jan 15, 2010

House broken into

This morning we found our garage door forced open and lots of stuff gone missing. Of course most stuff was backed up offline, but the most distressing part is that the Time machine hard drive was taken. We might have lost about a year of photographs of our kids (the rest is backed up elsewhere). That's the hardest part to bear.

Anyway if you are trawling on craigslist or eBay and see some of these things, give us a yell. A Mac Pro and a Lacie hard drive should be pretty uncommon.

White MacBook laptop
Mac Pro tower
iMac 24"
Mac Mini
Lacie hard drive 

Dell 24" WPD Monitor

4 gig iPod Nano (DNA2 engraved on back)
2 gig iPod Nano (DNA engraved on back)

Digital Canon Rebel EOS with Canon Flash and Tamron Telephoto lens

Sony Handycam

If you are person who did this, please return the hard drives from the Mac Pro or the Lacie hard drive.