Andy McKay

Jun 09, 2009

When to put a product to pasture

I've been working on a product for a while, but it's not getting much traction. It's spent a lot of time in my head and taken up my time and energy. I'd planned on giving it a few months, but it's now past that schedule.

Every time I describe it to someone they say "that's great!". But little uptake, I looked at the numbers on the site and it's not very much and I can't keep justifying it.

It's hard after I've worked on something for so long to just stop working on it for a while. But there's at least one thing that keeps me hopeful that it will not die - I find it damn useful and use it all the time (and a few other people do too).

Perhaps I've fallen for all the 37 Signals and others advice. Work on things you find useful and enjoy and others will too. If I find it useful I'll keep working on it, improving it and telling others about it things might start to change.

Keep adding in things now and again, as time permits on the back burner.... but in the end time to move focus. Could be Seth Godin is right and the product is boring.

Time to do something more exciting... so watch this space.