Andy McKay

Mar 30, 2009

Django Zen

If you are following this blog for Django things then it might get a little bit quieter. This weekend I started up a website devoted to lots of stuff about Django. There is already a Django website of course and lots of other sites with useful Django stuff on them, but on the whole there are some things I think are missing. If you want to know more about that sort of stuff, go read the about page.

Technically DjangoZen uses:

  • Plone as the content writing and managing interface
  • Django as the delivery interface, using Postgresql
  • Contentmirror copies content (mostly) into Postgresql
  • Used jQuery for lots of fun bits
  • I got annoyed with all the OpenID libraries and implemented my own based off django-openidauth.
  • I use the Blue Print CSS framework and was very happy with it.

Now to adding in more features and writing some content.