Andy McKay

Feb 17, 2009

Finally internet again

After one week of being offline (apart from the cell phone), Telus finally got us hooked up. The difference between Telus and BT was so stunning to us in January, that we decided to go with Telus for our connection here.

In the UK we came back from holiday and found our internet and phone wasn't working. No idea why, so phoned BT. Three days later they came and in about 10 mins switched a box inside and left, hardly said two words. A month later we got a bill for 190 pounds. Danae was furious and wouldn't get off the phone till they had removed the charge. There was no forewarning of the charge so it was quite unreasonable.

In Canada the ADSL had difficulty connecting. Telus said they'd send someone out next day, I inquired up front of any charges "about $32 if it's your fault" they said, fair enough. The guy turned up 2 hours later, spent ages making sure it was ok, followed up with phone calls to make sure it worked. Cost zero, happy customers.

When we moved into this rental house the phone didn't work. Turns out the phone line is buried underneath the drive and is damaged, to fix it they would have to dig up the drive. This took 3 days of visits from more senior people. Today 4 people turned up dug a hole through the garden and hooked up the phone. Yes it took a week to get there, but they were friendly and helpful. Cost zero.

I'm sure for a big company like Telus there's a bunch of people who have unhappy stories. For one, I think they have a done a great job for us, twice, and it's kind of nice to say that about a company.

When I relate the story about BT in the UK they laughed and said "if we did that, we'd have no customers".