Andy McKay

Jan 02, 2009

Finally got iPhones

So on day number 3 in Canada, we went down to the mall and got ourselves a couple of iPhones. It turns out Rogers had a new plan that wasn't on their website. It's not great, for $60 a month we get 250 mins, 1 gig of data. That at least includes visual voicemail, but doesn't include the stupid system access fee.

We went between the Rogers and Fido stores for a bit. In all respects the Fido plan is better with one exception. The Rogers plan includes unlimited phone and text to 5 local numbers. That's all the family and it accounts for 90% of the phone calls. We thought that was pretty sweet and signed up.

The credit card gave a groan and then Danae and I have both had shiny new 16 gig iPhones in our mitts.

And I love it.

And there is now a "No iPhone or iPod Touch at the dinner table" policy after we all sat there playing with them one night.