Andy McKay

Nov 08, 2007

Old Doctor Who

Danae has seen all the new Doctor Who's but never seen the old one's so my references to Daleks, Cybermen, long scarves and jelly beans sometimes go past her. So we started getting some of the old ones.

We watched the Hand of Fear the other night. But I just love the ending. So there is being from 150 million years ago, silicon (not carbon) based. Absorbs radiation, can read peoples minds, absolute genius. Regenerates itself inside a nuclear reactor and takes over people's minds and controls them. A nuclear missile attack, no problem, gets absorbed. Doddle.

How does the doctor defeat the being. By hiding behind a rock and shouting pull to his assistant on the other side of the corridor. This almost omnipotent being then trips and falls into a seemingly bottomless abyss. Brilliant, the universe's greatest peril defeated by a scarf.