Andy McKay

Nov 02, 2007

Moodle technical choices

Had the pleasure of meeting Martin Dougiamas the other day. A thoroughly nice chap and had a brief chat with Martin about Moodle. I confessed I had problems with Moodle, being used to an object model like Zope. A few interesting things:

  • Many years ago Martin tried his first prototype in Zope, he likes Python and thought it would be a good fit. He got ZODB corruptions (this was about 2001-2) and gave up on the ZODB and Zope.
  • Having it in PHP makes it very easy and accesible for new users.
  • By not needing root access Moodle has been installed on lots of hosts and often cheap hosts with little hassle.

All good points and certainly Moodle is a roaring success.