Andy McKay

Aug 04, 2007

Children's DVDs

We are looking for some good quality DVDs for Emily (and Samantha). We don’t have a TV here in Britain, and until recently, Emily would watch Simpsons and Futurama with us but not really taking much in. In fact, it didn’t seem to matter what language it was played in or even if the sound was on! But the other day, the character Bender was acting drunk and Emily said “What’s the matter with Bender?” We said, “Oh dear, I guess she can’t watch this anymore!” So now we’re on the lookout for some age-appropriate stuff for her. She doesn’t get a lot of “TV” time, so short shows of 20-30 minutes are better than full movies. Also her attention span isn’t long enough for a movie! But we want some good quality programs. Please pass along any ideas!

P.S. Not Baby Einstein stuff, please! I have issues with the concept, but that’s a whole new discussion!