Andy McKay

Jul 11, 2007

A good company for a change

After dealing with companies that won't give refunds and other companies that just plain <a href=">suck</a>, it's so nice to meet a good one.

We have a few jigsaws and we lost some of the peices on a flight to Canada. Danae emailed them the other day asking if it's possible to buy replacement peices somewhere. The answer was simple: "We'll send you a new puzzle in the post, it should be there in a day or two". Free, no cost. That's nice, thank you Orchard Toys. Our girls love the puzzles and play with them all the time.

The cynical in me would say that someone has taken a sane business decision along the lines of: it's a 1 pound puzzle and shipping it costs another 1 pound. For a whopping 2 pounds I've avoided a bunch of back and forth emails (and their cost), messing about with a small payment and kept a customer happy. If it is, that's a smart person.