Andy McKay

Apr 16, 2007

Home again

Well, I’ve been home nearly a week now… probably time to update my blog! Although I should really be heading to bed - the girls have been having some rough nights since we got back so I should sleep while I can! Anyway, I’ll keep this short for now.

We had a great time in North Vancouver visiting with my parents, Kelly & Jordan, and of course baby Julian. He is too adorable! It was also lovely to visit with various other friends and family. I was disapointed to have to cancel a couple of “play dates” at the last minute - once because Sam was ill and once because her little friend was ill - the result being that we missed seeing these people entirely. Of course there were others I would like to have seen as well, but time did not permit me to see everyone! Next time I will have to make plans with those I missed first.

A highlight of the trip was a joint birthday party for the girls. Instead of gifts, we asked people to bring food for the Food Bank, whose shelves are particularly bare at this time of year. They were most grateful to receive a laundry basket full of food! We had an Easter theme, so everyone got to decorate egg-shaped coookies and the cake was a purple and yellow Easter egg. Samantha enjoyed her first cake!

OK, off to bed now, but I’ll try to write more soon.