Andy McKay

Mar 25, 2007

British utility companies are all terrible

I find the way utility companies treat their customers is absolutely terrible. I'm in a mood to write a letter to someone anyone about the way they do their billing. We moved into our new house and settled down and waited for the bills to come, but nothing. Then sure enough we receive in the span of week:

  • United Utilities have sent us a bill for all the water and waste water for the house. For one year in advance. Kindly they have broken it down into 6 monthly payments, so payable immediately 250 please.
  • British Gas have sent us a bill for electricity. Payable immediately for 75.
  • British Gas have sent us a bill for gas. Payable immediately for 150.

The total of these bills (plus the council tax) is now somewhere in the order of 4x the cost of the same bills in Canada. But the thing I find obscene is that they are payable immediately, no arguing right now. I've never seen any other business operate in such a manner. You can't bill a client and expect immediate payment, never mind immediate payment for a years work in advance.

Time to complain to someone and try and get Britains utility rules improved... throw the letters to the bottom of pile and sort out my bank account on my own time.

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