Andy McKay

Mar 21, 2007

Englands new passport rules

So there'll be a new passport rule in the UK, to get a new one, you'll need to do an interview. They mentioned on the radio this morning a possible 200 question they could ask you, but I can't find verification on that yet. Perhaps I wasn't awake when I heard it. This raises a few bizarre situation in my mind.

What information will they have and where will they get it? From:

This will include checks with independent sources such as the electoral roll and address histories.


Surely if you were going to fake a passport would have previous address information or bank information, to a point. But where do they get it? What if the two don't match... what if they got information on the old wrong John Smith? They clearly can't rely on your form, so they have to get some independent data.

And what if you fail? Sorry "Andy McKay, you clearly aren't Andy McKay. You clearly haven't demonstrated enough knowledge to prove you are who you claim to be." Erm what then? Try again tommorrow?