Andy McKay

Feb 12, 2007

Looking for photo gallery

So I've got this neat Django app that pulls together photo's linked in with locations on a google map. I want to scroll through those photos using a nice little Ajax or Flash app that does all those nice things like cross fading and browsing. There's loads out there, but they've all got server requirements like php. I haven't found anything that takes a xhtml page, parses the DOM and produces the photo viewer from that.<div>
</div><div>At least I haven't found one, I must be blind. Anyone got any recommendations?</div><div>
</div><div>Update: the excellent Scott Schiller seems to have a nice app here but I'm not sure I like the interface I found it confusing, I'm sure my mother would. Seems to herald from Vancouver so gets lots of bonus points for that. But looks damn good, might be the fella.</div>