Andy McKay

Jan 08, 2007


Well I landed a bit ago in England, but with Christmas and other stuff it wasn't slightly hectic to say the least. We still haven't got a spot to live yet, slumming it parents. There is a bit of insanity in England because everything revolves around either a credit check or a utility bill.

Yes the utility bill is the holy grail that unlocks everything. If you have that you can get a bank account. Rent a house. Probably get into Buckingham Palace. Oh without it .... "oh we can't give you a cell phone", "oh do you have a guarantor for that bank account", i've met more "More than job's worth" in the last few days than I can remember. Perhaps it's just the cheery English disposition. We have pay as you go phones and so on.

How's England? Well living here is different from visting on and off for 10 years. I forgot how expensive everything is here. It's partly converting everything in your head, you take everything and multiply it by the exchange rate and all of a sudden its expensive. I figure it will take a few months for me to stop doing that.

For all those who ask where I am, its here. North of Liverpool, where I work.

Next I've got to set up some sort of Google maps, Flickr, blog mash up. Or re-use someone else's, surely there's a good one out there.