Andy McKay

Oct 15, 2006

PloneSilverCity 2.0

Almost 3 years ago I wrote that thing for the book, PloneSilverCity. I’ve started to rewrite that for 2006 and update it a bit.

From the readme:

This is a complete rewrite of PloneSilverCity from the original version of Definitive Guide to Plone. Thats about three years old, so I wanted to rewrite it to ensure that - we use best practices including unit and functional tests - we use archetypes as opposed to CMF types I'm retaining the name, although we'll no longer use SilverCity, instead we'll use dpSyntaxHighligher, a javascript solution. This allows for zero dependencies. If you have Zelenium installed, when you install this product it will create a set of Zelenium tests that you can run pointing at the tests/selenium directory. To run those tests go to http://yoursite/zelenium/silvercity, but note you must have a user name and password admin/admin.

Got to fix up that Zelenium stuff. When it’s done I’ll plonk on, for now…

SVN: (svn co