Andy McKay

Aug 31, 2006

Computer books going for free

Here’s a list of the computer books that I’ve collected over the years. Of varying quality publishers (O’Reilly and Apress on down) and some annotated (from courses). But all going for free or donation, you just have to come to North Vancouver to my house to get them. Please email beforehand to check we’ll be there.

Linux in a Nutshell, Siever et al Berkeley DB, Sleepcat Software Java in a nutshell, Flanagan Programming Python, Lutz Python Pocket Reference, Lutz Perl Cookbook, Christiansen, Torkington Progamming Perl, Wall, Christiansen, Orwant Programming the Perl DBI, Descartes, Bunce MySQL, Dubois Dive into Python, Pilgrim Programming Windows 5th Edition, Petzold How to program C, Deitel/Deitel Client/Server Programming in PC LANs, Barfield & Walters A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0, Gilmore Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP, Stephens & Rosenberg Programming Visual C++ 5th Edition, Kruglinksi, Sheperd, Wingo Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself, Insite Programming Web Services with SOAP, Snell, Tidwell, Kulchenko Sendmail, Costales, Allman, Rickert Tomcat Kick Start, Bond Late Night Active X, Tall, Ginsberg The Dictionary of Standard C, Jaeschke The Book of Zope, Beehive Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk 3rd Edition, Welch The Zope Boook, Lattier, Pelletier (2 copies) Windows NT TCP/IP, Siyan Definitive Guide to Plone (Japanese Edition), McKay (2 copies) Definitive Guide to Plone (German Edition), McKay Definitive Guide to Plone (English Edition), McKay Zope Bible, Bernstein, Robertson Core Java, Volume 1, Horstmann, Cornell The XML Handbook 3rd Edition, Prescod, Goldfarb Web Programming Unleashed, Sams Visual Basic 6.0, Schneider Modern Systems Analysis & Design, Hoffer et al VBScript & Active X Wizardry, Palmer