Andy McKay

Jul 17, 2006

View from Folk Music Festival

The 29th Folk Music Festival (Flickr) was this weekend and the whole family is just in recovery mode. It’s a fantastic weekend but going from 9 am - 12 midnight with 2 kids over the weekend, spending all day in the heat is at the same time the most wonderful and exhausting weekend.

I’m such a stick in the mud, I know what I like and Sunday was a chock a block full of Dan Bern and Ruthie Foster, so I was happy. Unfortunately this year for me there were no new discoveries, no new must hear artists, which is the first time in a while. That’s a shame.

For those of you attending the Vancouver Python Workshop, this is the view from Jericho Beach and is just around the corner from Locarno Beach, which is where the barbeque is.

Jericho sunset