Andy McKay

Jul 11, 2006

Moving on from Enfold

About 5 years ago at a Python conference, I met this crazy guy who talked about Python, Windows and said so many things - many of them made sense. That guy was Alan Runyan and what a nice guy he was. It was about 4 years ago I got into Plone and started doing some stuff and sure enough Alan was there. <div>
</div><div>About 2 and half years ago we formed a company Enfold Systems as equal partners. It went well, growing and gaining clients and momentum. Alan stayed in Houston, I stayed here. And today I’m no longer running Enfold, just doing a bit of part time work and looking for something else out there. What happened? Lots. Most of it positive and good. Got some good products out there and did some good contract work. Made some friends and built something.</div><div>
</div><div>One day I’ll be able to do the Paul Graham thing and write about the whole thing and gave sage advice, but not quite yet. There is one piece of advice that’s probably very obvious to everyone else out there:</div><div><ul> <li>Don’t start a company where 2 people are in control, there needs to be one boss.</li> <li>Make sure those people have different talents.</li> <li>Make sure those people are in the same office (not 2 time zones apart).</li> </ul> Seemingly obvious stuff now. Oh well. Anyway time to move on. Enfold will only do better with only person in control and guiding it’s path - I know Alan will do well. In the end I hope to remain good friends with Alan and everyone at Enfold and wish them all the best in the future. </div><div>
</div><div>What am I up to now? A bit of relaxing and taking it easy and doing a few things I always wanted to do, but bills never stop coming and so I need to do some work. So I’ll be reviving ClearWind Consulting. It would be nice to do some Plone bits and pieces for a while. I really enjoyed doing Plone once upon a time, it would be to get back to enjoying it one again. </div><div>
</div><div>A few people have asked me if I’ll do a book or update the Definitive Guide. I’d love to do that but the money isn’t quite there. I figure I’d need two months full time just to catch up and document Plone. The bank probably won’t let me do that. I’m certainly interested in any idea anyone has there though. Plone Cookbook maybe? Other than that watch this and that space.</div>