Andy McKay

Jul 06, 2006

MacBook on it's way

Yay, new MacBook was ordered today. It’s the cheapest one they have, I’m such a cheap person with things like laptop’s but at the moment finances are a little shorter than usual. Besides, it will just mean upgrading in a year or two or when I break it :)

Next task - go and find some RAM to get that seriously upgraded from the base 512.

Going back to a sole development box will be nice, in the last year I’ve been jumping between a Windows Sony Vaio (which I like but it doesn’t run OS X) and my Mac mini (too slow). With tools like QuickSilver, terminal and even insanely simple things like symlinks, I find myself just way more productive on a Unix-like platform than on Windows.

So c’mon Apple get that laptop to me as fast as possible.