Andy McKay

May 24, 2006

Why are people afraid of Javascript

Via whits blog:

Why are people still afraid of JavaScript

Here’s my go:

  1. Unless you are new to the web, everyone has been bitten by Javascript implementation hell in the early 2000's when very few people knew what or why they were doing things, other than "well its cool".
  2. It's a nightmare to debug if you aren't familiar with it.
  3. Testing is hard and loops back into point 2.

Am I scared of writing Javascript? No.

  1. Go use dojo or another fine toolkit like scriptalicious, they remove much of the cross browser hell.
  2. Have you seen the Venkman debugger? There are many other fine tools out there.
  3. Selenium and other fine testing products are now available.

In the end though number 1 is the killer. It’s had such a bad rap for so many years it takes time to get over this. Get over it, go do something interesting and you’ll see it’s not as bad as it was.