Andy McKay

Feb 07, 2023

New blog - Beyond cars

This blog has been around for 16 years, which is just wierd. Most of the time I’ve focused on tech ramblings. But over that time things have changed significantly for me. These days I want to put in a lot of energy for arguing against cars, car dependency and advocating for other solutions in our cities. As such I’m going to move all that to a new blog.

I’m really excited by this, over the years I’ve built up a huge list of articles that I’d like to work on and dig more deeply into some important subjects with a Canadian and Vancouver angle on them. I want to do a lot of advocacy in this area and this is just one of the ways I’ll be doing it. As a result this blog will hopefully become just more focused on technical stuff, because I really need to get back into blogging about some of that stuff.

Anyways there’s a new blog here: Beyond Cars and a Mastodon account here.